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Player in-match parameter rank

Try RED GK, SG (Super Gutsy) GK

It might take a wait before ranks are fully loaded and displayed.

BTW, you can also see the ranks with passive effect fully enabled by tick 'Actions > Passive Effect'

2018-11-16 Dream Collection

Yuzo Morisaki


RED GK, SG (Super Gutsy) GK

In screen:

Punch: 10683.5 Rank: 4

Catch: 11331.25 Rank: 4

Check KLab Games Station Youtube to see more

DC Gacha with:

Daily Event Missions

Clear all the Missions for the R*10 Transfer Ticket

Challenge Road EX

Challenge Road EX

EX Rewards

App Update to 2.1.0

Updated, please update your app

Game Major Update (Part 2)

New Event: Club Competitions

Team Prep: 16/11 15:00 – 19/11 12:59
Competitions: 19/11 15:00 – 03/12 12:59

The limited-time event, Club Competitions, where Clubs compete for ranks, is coming soon!

Win the daily matches between Clubs during the event and go for the top rank together with your friends! 
You will receive fantastic rewards based on your Club's final rank at the end of the Club Competitions!

Login Bonus

2018-11-16 ~ 2018-12-01

Receive fantastic rewards every day for 10 days! 
You can get a total of 10 Dreamballs just for logging in every day!

And you'll also receive items like Energy Recovery Balls and Legendary Drills which will help you improve players in preparation for the new events!

Global Shared Play

Period: 16/11 15:00 – 23/11 12:59

Global Shared Play will begin on 16/11!

You can share scenarios with anyone, not just Club members, during the event!

Use Global Shared Play to play your favourite scenarios as many times as you want!

Latest Players


2018-11-09 Chinese


Now you can see new cards with skill-tree add-ups, gray cells in:

Player lists are all updated.

Latest Players



Chinese Players

New Scenarios will be added to Hidden Skill Unlock Scenarios!



Challenge Missions


Potential Effects

You can see a full list of potential effects here

Some are used by 4 new cards, some are used by NPC.

I don't have a plan adding potential effects to NPC/NPC squad page, but I'm finding a better way organize my code to enable potential effects and other add-ups.

UPDATE: I added a section on player's page, table view.

Now you can see player's potential effects on player's page, but parameters are not calculated, and I don't give a total add-up to player's parameters.

Try the Latest Players link below to check those cards.

New Evolution




check the Evolution part for materials

Latest Players


Login Bonus

2018-11-05 ~ 2018-11-17

30 DB(5/5/5/5/10) in 10 days.

2018-10-26 ~ 2018-11-12

15 Balls (5+5+5) and 1 SSR black ball and 10 SR black ball

2018-11-01 ~ 2018-11-30

SSR guranteed ticket on 25th.

2018 is back again??


Period: 05/11 15:00 – 16/11 12:59

The Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japanese Player Pick-Up Transfer which features players wearing the Japan National Team's kit is coming soon!

This time [SSR] Hiroshi Jito (Overpowering Brawn) with the Team Skill that gives +15% to all stats of Japanese Defenders, as well as [SSR] Masao Tachibana (Flying Squirrel Jumper) and [SSR] Kazuo Tachibana (Flying Squirrel Jumper) with the Passive Skill that gives +15% to all stats in the Penalty Area appear wearing the Japan National Team's kit!
And past players wearing the Japan National Team's kit appear as Pick-Up players!

All SSR players this time are Japanese players!
Also, there are tons of great bonuses in each step of the 10-Transfer, 
including 1 SSR guaranteed and others!

Stay tuned!

You can see real parameter of your deck now

Click here, enter your game ID, like 123456789, hit 'View', You can see all your decks, same view as squad online editor.

And, you know what, enable passive effect to see your real squad parameters!

BTW, I saw a 810k blue team, real total is 880k!

A new section: 'help'

I move all contents about features and their howto to a new section, 'help'.

You can find it from top menu.