Muay Thai Intercept S

No special effects.
The Special Skill of Bunnaak, the Champion of the Field. He slams a muay thai kick right to the belly of an opponent's pass. Calmly stealing the ball right out from under the nose of the knocked out player.
Rank: S Type: Intercept
Rank Min: Lv.1 Max: Lv.99; Exp: 98
Force Min: 26000 Max: 45500
Required Stamina Min: 370 Max: 370
Blow Off: 0 Foul: 0%


Players with Muay Thai Intercept S

i p Total O D P S ...
DF 1072 55945 16230 21127 18588 0
DF 894 37295 10820 14084 12391 0

Skill Holder Cards

  ID     Character     Name     Attribute     Images  
10027Singprasert BunnaakS Muay Thai InterceptS.5