Jump Block S

No special effects.
This block technique relies on the player throwing his body into the line of the shot. It requires the perceptive ability to read the shot's trajectory, and the courage to face the hurtling ball head-on.
Rank: S Type: Block
Rank Min: Lv.1 Max: Lv.99
Force Min: 24000 Max: 42000
Required Stamina Min: 400 Max: 400
Blow Off: 0 Foul: 0%
Power by Level


Players with Jump Block S

i p Total O D P S ...
923 54891 17661 19229 18001 0
739 36599 11776 12824 11999 0

Skill Holder Cards

  ID     Character     Name     Attribute     Images  
10026Jun MisugiS Jump BlockS.5