Sand Press Defence S

No special effects.
The Special Tackle of Owairan, the Young Noble of the Desert. He controls the defence with amazing leadership, pressing in on an opponent, then jumps in himself to put incredible pressure on them and snatches the ball away.
SKILL_RARITY: S Type: Tackle
Rank Min: Lv.1 Max: Lv.99
Force Min: 27000 Max: 47500
Required Stamina Min: 380 Max: 380
Ratio Min: 0.71 Max: 1.25
Blow Off: 0 Foul: 5%
Power by Level



Players with Sand Press Defence S

i p Total O D P S ...
DF 1023 61045 15974 24795 20276 0 shopping_cart
DF 853 40691 10654 16529 13508 0