Hard Contact Tackle S

No special effects.
The Special Skill of Chiellini, the Defence Ace. He puts intense pressure on his opponent, not missing the moment their balance is off and stealing the ball with a sharp sliding tackle.
SKILL_RARITY: S Type: Tackle
Rank Min: Lv.1 Max: Lv.99
Force Min: 26000 Max: 45500
Required Stamina Min: 365 Max: 365
Ratio Min: 0.71 Max: 1.25
Blow Off: 0 Foul: 5%
Power by Level



Players with Hard Contact Tackle S

i p Total O D P S ...
DF 1042 52154 12132 23059 16963 0 shopping_cart
DF 868 34779 8093 15379 11307 0