Hyper Speed Nutmeg Dribble S

No special effects.
The Special Dribble of Saviola, the high-speed forward. He doesn't slow down even with opponents on all sides, kicking the ball between the legs of the opponent trying to steal the ball from the front and dashes down the pitch.
SKILL_RARITY: S Type: Dribble
Rank Min: Lv.1 Max: Lv.99
Force Min: 26000 Max: 45500
Required Stamina Min: 265 Max: 265
Ratio Min: 0.98 Max: 1.72
Blow Off: 0 Foul: 0%
Power by Level



Players with Hyper Speed Nutmeg Dribble S

i p Total O D P S ...
FW 1050 52082 22419 11844 17819 0
FW 876 34737 14944 7901 11892 0