Special Presents

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1Non-Japanese Selection3-1-3-3(S)A deck composed mainly of Agility-type players. The forwards Schneider and Stein are appealing. Using Stein when you're in the Pedal to the Metal, Schester in normal circumstances will make it easy to create chances to score.View
2European Selection3-2-3-2(S)A deck composed mainly of Toughness-type players. Scoring will be easier if you use Zedane to pass to Pierre or Napoleon on the hotline. Pierre and Napoleon have Stamina Killer, so they work well against a full-power goal keeper.View
3International Selection3-1-4-2(S)A deck composed mainly of Skill-type players. Rivaul's Direct Hotline is appealing and having him pass to the forwards will create chances more easily. You can use Nitta and Tsubasa's One-Two to get inside the penalty area.View
4Japan Selection3-1-3-3(S)A deck composed mainly of Japanese players. Playmakers Tsubasa and Misaki pass the ball to forwards Hyuga, Nitta, and Wakashimazu in order for them to score. Tsubasa has three different shots, and can also be used to score if he can infiltrate the penalty area.View
5European Selection3-2-3-2(S)A deck composed mainly of European players. Michael and Teigerbran are the playmakers, and the forwards and attacking midfielders are the goalscorers. In terms of defence, Kaltz can mark opponents' aces and block attacks.View
6Latin and North American Selection3-1-3-3(S)A deck composed mainly of North and Latin American players. The forwards can use flying shots, so it's a good idea to try to pass to them whenever possible. Natureza and Diaz have range-enhancing skills, making it easy for them to infiltrate the penalty area.View