Card ID 28100233 11 7 1
Name Tenacious Goal-Grabber
Gacha Type Regular

Rarity UR Best Position FW
Player Type Agility-type Since 2022-11-07
Team Uruguay (WY) From Uruguay
Series World Youth No. 004269
Max Lvl 99 Exp 10,000,000
Height: cm 178 Weight: kg 73
Hino plays for Coach Matilda's new Uruguay Youth team. Based on Tamotsu Ide's advice during his time at RJ7, he develops his "Tornado Shot" technique. Armed with this technique, which can even be used with chipped balls, he gives All Japan a real run for their money.
Famous Techniques
Tornado Shot
Jumping Knee
Double-Speed Double-Spin Tornado Shot
Nick Names
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Hidden Requires: