Card ID 25300043 767 10 5
Name Scarred Fighter
Gacha Type Dream Collection

Rarity UR Best Position DF,DMF
Player Type Agility-type Since 2022-03-04
Team All Japan (WY) From Japan
Series World Youth No. 002640
Max Lvl 99 Exp 10,000,000
Height: cm 174 Weight: kg 61
Akai joins All Japan Youth after being invited by Aoi. He plays as a defensive midfielder during the final phase of the World Youth Championship. He stubbornly continues marking Levin for the whole 90 minutes, blocking his attacks completely. He shows his grit and determination by getting up again no matter how many "Levin Shots" he is hit by.
Famous Techniques
Rainbow Defence
Gut Defence
Shoulder Block
Nick Names
Recommended Characters
Hidden Requires: