Card ID 13700013 662 36 6
Name Artist of the Field
Gacha Type Regular

Rarity UR Best Position OMF
Player Type Toughness-type Since 2018-11-05
Team All Japan (JY) From Japan
Series Junior Youth No. 001441
Max Lvl 99 Exp 10,000,000
Height: cm 165 Weight: kg 53
Misaki decides to join All Japan after a chance meeting with Tsubasa in the street. His time away from football doesn't show at all―he plays incredibly, and pulls off some magnificent combination plays together with Tsubasa. He also shows his fervour for the game by challenging the France team in order to test his own ability.
Famous Techniques
Jumping Volley
Golden Duo
Push Diving Header
Nick Names
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Hidden Requires: