Card ID 1100253 38 15 13
Name Gliding Falcon
Gacha Type Regular

Rarity UR Best Position FW
Player Type Agility-type Since 2021-07-09
Team All Japan (Rising Sun) From Japan
Series Rising Sun No. 003369
Max Lvl 99 Exp 10,000,000
Height: cm Weight: kg
He participated in the final training camp for the All Japan U23 team and was made one of the official 23 after the New Zealand and Mexico matches. The grown up Falcon Fighter plunges himself into a heated battle for position with Wakashimazu and Hyuga.
Famous Techniques
Falcon Tackle
Ultimate Wakado-ryu Triangle Jump Falcon Volley Shot
The Low-Flying "Falcon"
Nick Names
Recommended Characters
Hidden Requires: