Challenge Missions

  ID     Title     Description     Reward  
Challenge Missions - Beginner 2 Reward: x5
999008Win a Weekly MatchComplete a Weekly Match in Event Matches x 1 . You can get each type of Drills and Coaching Cards from these matches every day. x25
Challenge Missions - Intermediate 1 Reward: x5
999017Complete 3 Raids (Normal)Win a Normal difficulty Raid x 3 . Winning each match gets you an event player. x3
Challenge Missions - Intermediate 2 Reward: x5
999024Complete 1 Raid (Hard)Win a Hard difficulty Raid x 1 . Your opponents will be a little tougher, so make your team stronger. x10
Challenge Missions - Intermediate 3 Reward: x5
999026Complete 1 Raid (Very Hard)Win a Very Hard difficulty Raid x 1 . Your opponents will be tough, so be sure to power up your team. x10000000
999027Complete 20 RaidsWin a Raid x 20 . Keep raising your Special Skill levels! x5
Challenge Missions - Advanced 1 Reward: x1
999044Complete Ability Limit Break Scenario (Very Hard)Complete the Ability Limit Break Scenario on Very Hard difficulty. Your opponents will be tough so train up your team.Toughness Amulet x100
Challenge Missions - Advanced 3 Reward: x1
999051Complete Ability Limit Break Scenario (Extreme)Try Extreme, the difficulty above Very Hard, in the Ability Limit Break scenarios. Your opponents will be extremely strong so make sure your team is ready.Agility Amulet x100
999052Complete Ability Limit Break Scenario 10 TimesComplete Ability Limit Break scenarios x 10 to further improve your players.Skill Amulet x100
Challenge Missions - Advanced 5 Reward: x10
999061Complete a Hidden Skill Unlock ScenarioComplete Hidden Skill Unlock Scenario x 1 . You can get Skill Knowledge that opens players' Skill Hexes. Each stage is different, so pay attention!Munemasa Katagiri x1

  ID     Description     Reward  
1Complete all Challenge Missions - Beginner 1 x5
2Complete all Challenge Missions - Beginner 2 x5
3Complete all Challenge Missions - Beginner 3SSR Transfer Ticket x1
4Complete all Challenge Missions - Intermediate 1 x5
5Complete all Challenge Missions - Intermediate 2 x5
6Complete all Challenge Missions - Intermediate 3 x5
7Complete all Challenge Missions - Intermediate 4Energy Recovery Ball x3
8Complete all Challenge Missions - Intermediate 5SSR Transfer Ticket x1
9Complete all Challenge Missions - Advanced 1 x1
10Complete all Challenge Missions - Advanced 2 x1
11Complete all Challenge Missions - Advanced 3 x1
12Complete all Challenge Missions - Advanced 4Munemasa Katagiri x1
13Complete all Challenge Missions - Advanced 5 x10