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Top Ranking Update

Hi, all.

I just updated the top list, potential effects are calculated.


In playable card page, in-match parameter rankings are also updated, if enabled effects match rules above, rankings will be fetched from a matching top list.

New Top 1 of total in FULL mode.

New Top 1 of total in on mode.

Any questions:

Challenge Road


App update 2.3.0



Gacha Videos


Enjoy the transfers.

Compare Wakabayashi

Japan Shooter Inside Penalty Area

DF buff 0%, 2018 buff 0%, Red buff 12%(10% Red Link + 2% Potential)

Japan Shooter Outside Penalty Area

DF buff 0%, 2018 buff 20%, Red buff 12%(10% Red Link + 2% Potential)

Germany Shooter Inside Penalty Area

DF buff 15%, 2018 buff 0%, Red buff 32%(10% Red Link + 2% Potential + 20% Potential)

Full Power Points

Hi all, this is a collection of Full Power/全力 points.

I can't find any translation and I can't give full description on each point type.

Here is what I'm guessing:

BTW, if you find any typo, trust me, it's not my fault. XD

Comparison between blue Misaki(s)

I always want to know, which is better: OR

My account one: only blue Tsubasa and boxed Misaki, max effect buff is 11%.

My Account two: 13% Max.


1 All effects off

2 Off, 11%, 13%

3 On, 11%, 13%

Player Effects Toggler & Custom Buff Editor

Hi, all.

I made some changes on playable card page, icons of passive effects and potential effects are clickable, you can fully turn on effects by making them 'bordered' :)

Also, click on buff cells, try to add some buffs with effects.

Try Diaz

Team editor is not yet updated, should be finished next week along with VS mode.

UPDATE[20190129]: You can edit buff on comparison page now!

Bug reports: Contact @Tsubasaim on telegram https://telegram.me/Tsubasaim

Challenge Road & Global Shared Play


VS mode is coming

I'm developing the new VS mode, along with Team Buff custom editor, Potential Effect toggling.

The VS mode is a new comparison mode, you'll be able to compare cards with buff/debuff, you can easily edit team buff, like +30% for all attributes.

SSR Ticket Updated

Login to see.

SR Ticket Updated

Login to see.

SSR: 3% SR: 97%

Kluivoort: Compare with Halloween red


READ THIS. You can contact me for discounts.

Game accounts with DF Wakabayashi

Game accounts with Roberto

Game accounts with Madrid Cards

Game accounts with Christmas Blue Levin

Game accounts with DF Tsubasa

Game accounts with DF Kluivoort

Game accounts with Blue Salinas

Data are combined across rarities and backgrounds

Many cards share same parameter/attribute, ...

For skills, rarity is irrelevant, I've let card shares same Thumbs-Up/Down.

Try Roberto:

And for same cards with different background,

Try Morisaki:

You may also noticed that limit break plans are also shared, and thumbs-up button might not working there because of a 1-day-long cache.

BTW, card ranks are not updated.

Google Login is working now.

Login to see locked contents.

And, I'm still trying to improve favorite players and potential effect buff on players and teams.

I need a simple way editing favorites on different platforms and sync with google drive.

SSR Ticket Pool Updated, 120 Cards in total


Disappointed with your transfer tickets?

Want to reroll to try again?

Why not try this.

Global Shared Play

Period: 12/05 15:00 – 12/21 12:59



You can see real parameter of your deck now

Click here, enter your game ID, like 123456789, hit 'View', You can see all your decks, same view as squad online editor.

And, you know what, enable passive effect to see your real squad parameters!

BTW, I saw a 810k blue team, real total is 880k!