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Happy Lunar New Year / 辛丑年快乐

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I checked the event log, someone created many accounts and claimed most accounts with SDF. I will recycle these accounts before event ends. Accounts not linked to a KLab ID are recycled.

部分用户重复注册大量账号领取了多个含超限定的账号。出于公平原则,我会在活动结束前回收相关用户的全部账号。 所有未链接KLab ID的账号已被回收。



World Legendary

Fresh Game Accounts

Dream Festival

More details, stay tuned on https://blog.tsubasa.im/

Database Update

Dream Collection

Happy New Year

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Accounts with 0.001% Diaz

0001 Levin with Bond

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New Blog Site


Dream Festival 2020-11

2020-11-11 KLab Game Station

Language Time URLs
日本语 Live every Wednesday starting at 08:00 pm JST Youtube
English Live every Thursday starting at 12:00 pm JST Youtube
Français Diffusion en direct de l'émission en français chaque jeudi à partir de 19h (GMT+9) (11h, heure française) Youtube
العربية بثنا المباشر كل خميس الساعة 5 مساء بتوقيت اليابان Youtube
ภาษาไทย ออกอากาศสดทุกวันพฤหัสบดี เวลา 21:00 น. ประเทศญี่ปุ่น (19:00 น. ประเทศไทย) Youtube
國語 直播時間:毎週五日本時間PM12:00(台港澳AM11:00) Youtube
廣東話 直播時間:毎週五日本時間PM5:00(台港澳PM4:00) Youtube

2020-10-22 Bond Combinations

Try DC Hermann Kaltz's Bond Combinations

You can find entry here:

Bond Calculator

Try Cards with Bond

All Bond Cards

All Bond Effects

New Feature

You can see all Hidden Availability effective to UR cards.


DF Tsubasa DF Hyuga

Try Favorite

You can share your favorites with your friends.

And, you can see buff combinations in your favorites now.

Try mine: https://tsubasa.im/global/it/favorites/?user_id=1314

New Top List

Yes, new top list.

This time, in-screen values * skill powers.

Check out now!

Gacha Calculator

Gacha Calculator is here. This is a basic calculator:

  • P(Win 1+) = 1 - Pow(1-P(Card), number-of-pulls)
  • P(Get 1+ SSR) = 1 - Pow(1-P(SSR), number-of-pulls)

You can try 5 modes:

  • 5 DBs single pull
  • 50 DBs for 10-transfer
  • 50 DBs * 3 and get 10-transfer once, and repeat
  • 3-step, 30/40/50, 1 SSR guaranteed for the 3rd step
  • 6-step, 30/40/50/50/50/50, 3rd step 50% SSR rate, 4th step 1 SSR guaranteed, 6th step 1 picked-up card guaranteed

This is an example for the first 2018 Brazil pool:


Team Buff List Updated

I updated team buff list page, simple search added including attribute(T/S/A) and nationality. If filter is enabled, only inc-all-parameter are listed.

Gacha Videos


Enjoy the transfers.

Full Power Points

Hi all, this is a collection of Full Power/全力 points.

I can't find any translation and I can't give full description on each point type.

Here is what I'm guessing:

  • EncountersSuccess*, for example, you choose tackle and opponent choose dribble, you get this.
  • EncountersFailureWin, your UR 'Tackle's when N choose 'Pass' and you get the ball.
  • CutOffense*, don't know
  • CutDefense*, don't know

BTW, if you find any typo, trust me, it's not my fault. XD

SSR Ticket Updated

Login to see.

Data are combined across rarities and backgrounds

Many cards share same parameter/attribute, ...

For skills, rarity is irrelevant, I've let card shares same Thumbs-Up/Down.

Try Roberto:

And for same cards with different background,

Try Morisaki:

You may also noticed that limit break plans are also shared, and thumbs-up button might not working there because of a 1-day-long cache.

BTW, card ranks are not updated.

Google Login is working now.

Login to see locked contents.

And, I'm still trying to improve favorite players and potential effect buff on players and teams.

I need a simple way editing favorites on different platforms and sync with google drive.

SSR Ticket Pool Updated, 120 Cards in total

You can see real parameter of your deck now

Click here, enter your game ID, like 123456789, hit 'View', You can see all your decks, same view as squad online editor.

And, you know what, enable passive effect to see your real squad parameters!

BTW, I saw a 810k blue team, real total is 880k!