Top Players

This page contains a total list of top players by parameters, including with parts of passive effects and with full passive effects.

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Basic filter are supported, including position, rarity, attribute and nationality.

Here are the useful links. (only Link & Combination calculated)






Top Ranking Update

Hi, all.

I just updated the top list, potential effects are calculated.


  • off: no effect
  • on: passive/potential effects with only
    • Team/Nationality/Attribute/... Link
    • Combination
    • Potential Effect Buff Add-up
  • FULL: All addable from passive/potential effects.

In playable card page, in-match parameter rankings are also updated, if enabled effects match rules above, rankings will be fetched from a matching top list.

New Top 1 of total in FULL mode.

New Top 1 of total in on mode.

Any questions: