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2018-10-12 Dream Collections

Latest Players



Hikaru Matsuyama

The Pillar of Japanese Defence



15235 / 18804 / 16022

Tackle 8726, in-match 11736

Top 3 in-match tackle

S Tackle: S.99 Spirited Valiant Defence 490 / 460

A Pass: A.80 Eagle Pass 300 / 175

A Pass cut: A.80 Eagle Intercept 320 / 300

Red Defense +20%

Parameter +15% when VS FW / OMF

New Top Players

I prepared all data, included with parts of passive effects and with full passive effects.

Try the new Top 100 Players

I also prepared sorting by in-match parameters, but I can't find a solution display those.

Guess, who are the top 3 player by total parameter if only Link & Combination are calculated?

== UPDATE ==

Haha, I was using a wrong multiplier for Links, I just fix it up.

== UPDATE ==

I added basic filter function, position, rarity and attribute.

Of course, the top field's value is added.

Here are the useful links. (only Link & Combination calculated)






Challenge Road

EX.1 Scoring with Natureza

EX.2 Scoring with Mexican Players

Ex.3 Scoring with Hikaru Matsuyama, here are Matsuyama with Shoot skill:

Ex.4 The Tachibana Brothers: Masao and Kazuo

Ex.5 DF Hyuga

2018-10-05 15M DL!

Latest Players



Natureza (Miracle Play)

Green FW / OMF

19332 / 15046 / 15886

S Header / A Shoot / A One-Two

Agility-type players: All stats and Stamina +10%

Combination: Santana +15%

Ricardo Espadas (Aztec Condor)

Blue FW

18661 / 15326 / 16026

Shoot 8837 + Power 6217 / 2 = 11945.5

Blue Hyuga is 12083.5

S Shoot / S Header / A Pass-Cut

Non-Japan players: All stats +10%

Nationality Link: Non-Japan +20%max

Oct. Login Bonus

2018-10-05 ~ 2018-10-20

1st day 15 DreamBalls!

2018-10-01 ~ 2018-10-31

SSR Transfer Ticket on 25th day.


Global Shared Play will be on!

All weekly games on!

1/2 Stamina required for Story mode


I added more collections, you can see a sidebar if you're using desktop browser.


SR with A Skill

R with B Skill

Open links to find more.

Team Editor

Hi everyone, I've put team editor online, maybe you can't create your perfect team in the game, but you can create it here!

Here is how to create your perfect team:

  1. Add your best choice cards to favorite list
    1. In playable card list, click the right-most '...' button, you can see a link adding players to your favorites;
    2. In Playable card page, bottom-left 'Action' button, you can also see a link here.
  2. Bottom right Person icon button, click, you can see how many cards in your favorite list, tap to see.
  3. If you have at least 11 playable cards in your favorite list, you can use 'Create My Team' button now.
  4. Page is redirected to a standalone team editor now:
    1. Tap the 'Start' button;
    2. Choose a Formation, next;
    3. Tap on '+' buttons, pick a card from your favorites, 11 at least and 16 at most;
    4. When you've finished your cards, choose team effects, 3 at most.
    5. Tap 'Generate' button to generate your team.
    6. You can copy links and share to others, you can also view your team now.
    7. In team page, you can enable passive effects.

I'll enable google login on this page when I finish the data sync, after that you can save your teams to your google drive.

Here is my Blue favorites and possibly the perfect blue team;


I've found a better team.

And, I forgot to mention that, If you find other's team improvable, you can 'edit' from his team page.


Blue Team Total=775163 Cards Team

Green Team Total=776920 Cards Team

Red Team Total=755972 Cards Team