Hidden Ability Evolution

  ID     Type     I     Name     Description  
399 Buff Stats Up Chinese Players: All stats +3%
398 Buff Stats Up Asia qualifiers players: All stats +2%
397 Grant Nationality Link (France) Stats boosted when French players are in the match (Max 5%, 1 player)
396 Grant Side Master Stats +5% near the side line
395 Grant Forward Killer Stats +5% vs. Forwards
394 Debuff Stats Down Opponent Hyuga: Stats -7%
393 Grant Special Skill Force Up Low Flying Shot Special Skills: Force +15%
392 Grant Stamina Killer (DF) +30% to opponent Defenders' Stamina cost when matched up
391 Debuff Stats Down (Opponent) Wakashimazu, Hernandez, Espadas: Saving -5%
390 Grant Counter Move (Japanese Players) Stats +15% vs. Japanese Players
389 Grant Counter Move (Agility-type) Stats +15% vs. A-type
388 Grant Counter Move (Brazilian Players) Stats +15% vs. Brazilian Players
387 Buff Stats Up Middle School Players: All stats +1%
386 Grant Link (Middle School) The more Middle School players in the match, the higher the stat boost (Max 10%)
385 Resist Stat Handicap Resistance 3% reduction to stat handicap effects vs. Middle School Players
384 Grant Link (Skill - JY) The more Skill-type JY players in the match, the higher stats are boosted (Max 10%, up to 8 players)
383 Buff Stats Up JY Players: All stats +1%
382 Buff Special Skill Force Up Shot Special Skills except Flying Shots: Force +15%
381 Buff Stats Up Middle School Tsubasa: All stats +2%
380 Buff High Ball Request Receive a cross as a High-Flying Ball (75% chance)