Hidden Ability Evolution

  ID     Type     I     Name     Description  
23 Resist Stat Handicap Resistance 100% reduction to handicap effects on the own stats
22 Buff Stats Up Latin American Players: All stats +2%
21 Debuff Stats Down Opponents: All stats -1%
20 Seal Special Skill Block Randomly block one Special Skill of your match-up opponent. (70% chance)
19 Debuff Stats Down (Opponent) Skill-type Players: Attack -15% (50% chance)
18 Debuff Stats Down Physical -20% for match-up opponent's Japanese players. (50% chance)
17 Grant Auto-Intercept Enhance 3% chance to activate a Special Skill during a teammate's Auto-Intercept. (Required Stamina: 0)
16 Buff Special Skill Force Up Shot Special Skills except Flying Shots: Force +20% (80% chance)
15 Grant Argentinian Player Killer Stats +20% vs. Argentinian Players
14 Buff Long Shooter Own shots become less affected by distance. (80% chance)
13 Invalidate Skill Block Cancel Randomly cancel Special Skill Block used against you x200.
12 Buff Special Skill Force Up Low-Flying Shot Special Skills: Force +20%. (50% chance)
11 Grant French Player Killer Stats +20% vs. French Players
10 Buff Low Ball Request Centering kick results in a low-flying ball.
9 Buff Bumpy Ground Resistance Not affected by Bumpy effect.
8 Resist Stat Handicap Resistance (My Team) 100% reduction to stat handicap effects on Skill-type teammates. (80% chance)
7 Grant German Player Killer Stats +20% vs. German Players
6 Buff Stats Up (My Team) Skill-type teammates: All stats +2%
5 Grant Low Baller Centering kick results in a low-flying ball. (80% chance)
4 Grant Combination (Tsubasa) Stats +10% when Tsubasa Ozora is on your team. (50% chance)