Card ID 13100041 1 1 0
Name Nankatsu's Ace
Gacha Type Regular

Rarity R Best Position OMF
Player Type A Since 2016-12-31
Team Nankatsu MS From Japan
Series Middle School No. 000134
Max Lvl 40 Exp 999,070
Height: cm 167 Weight: kg 55
In middle school Tsubasa switches to playing as an attacking midfielder, based on the advice in Roberto's notebook. He plays an active role starting from his first year, and leads Nankatsu Middle School to victory in the National Tournament for two years running. Then, in his third year, with his sights set on studying abroad in Brazil, he brings the title home for the third year running, despite having sustained various injuries.
Famous Techniques
Drive Shot
South American Dribble
Phoenix Drive Shot
Nick Names

Rewarded in


Silver Medal