Card ID 12300423 1 9 9
Name International Fierce Tiger
Gacha Type Dream Collection

Rarity UR Best Position FW
Player Type Toughness-type Since 2023-01-13
Team All Japan (Rising Sun) From Japan
Series Rising Sun No. 004479
Max Lvl 99 Exp 10,000,000
Height: cm Weight: kg
The Wild Tiger, who wants to be the world's number one striker, promised Aoi and Tsubasa, who weren't in the qualifiers, that he would show the dignity of the European pro team in the training camp match against Mexico. Many think he will be the highest scorer on the Japan U23 team.
Famous Techniques
Jumping Volley Twin Shot
Jumping Tiger Volley
Superspeed Kickback Cannon [Tiger]
Nick Names
Recommended Characters
Hidden Requires: