Card ID 1100323 2 3 2
Name Raging Speedster
Gacha Type Dream Collection

Rarity UR Best Position FW
Player Type Toughness-type Since 2023-03-10
Team Otomo MS From Japan
Series Middle School No. 004579
Max Lvl 99 Exp 10,000,000
Height: cm 165 Weight: kg 51
Otomo Middle School has a lot of defensive players, and Nitta is the cornerstone of their attack and the team's key goal-scorer. He has a great intuition for football, and learns new techniques very quickly. In the Shizuoka Fall Rookie Tournament he leads Otomo Middle School to victory, putting an end to Nankatsu's three-year winning streak.
Famous Techniques
Falcon Shot
Non-Trap Running Volley Falcon Shot
Nick Names
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Hidden Requires: