How to buy accounts

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These accounts are refresh, 0 exp, lvl 1.

You can't buy cards, merge cards, steal cards, or exchange cards across accounts.

No free accounts. Contact me for discounts

How to Buy

  1. Find accounts here, you can search with card ID.
  2. Give me LINK of the blue title text. Ask me for discount and confirm price, I'll give you a paypal address for payment.
  3. Give me the google account mail address you use on Don't Give me the klab ID and password, I don't link for you.
  4. Pay, and ask me to mark accounts as yours.
  5. Link account yourself.

If account price >= $10, you can ask me to link for you.

Please notice

  • I keep all backup of these accounts, I will REMOVE all SSR/UR cards if I receive a refund request.
  • A new KLab ID is strongly recommended. You can register a new KLab ID
  • Many accounts have normal SSR tickets, most of them have SSR selectable ticket, please try normal tickets first, then selectable.

How to search

  • If you want accounts with two or more cards, enter IDs like cardid1,cardid2 to the first input (Required IDS) and hit search.
  • If you want accounts with one of many cards, enter IDs like cardid1,cardid2 to the second input (Optional IDS) and hit search.

You can also try combinations like MUST:xxx, TWO OF(yyy,zzz,aaa,bbb).


DF Wakabayashi + at least one of (DF Tsubasa or DF Misaki)

Cheap accounts, many of these are only $5

Telegram me: