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Using temporary emails (like yopmail) as KLab ID is convenient but risky, other people can access your email if they know the address. If you still want to use, use the RANDOM address and write it down, don't use a named email address.

使用临时邮箱(例如 yopmail)服务有风险,其他人知道你的邮箱地址的时候就可以访问你的邮箱。如果你坚持使用,请务必使用随机邮箱地址并记住。

Using virtual emails is also risky, KLab has enabled 2-step authentication for ALL accounts, if you can't read mails you won't be able to access your accounts.

使用虚拟邮箱的风险在于,KLab 强制启用了两步认证,没有邮件验证码的情况下是无法登录 KLab ID 的。

Another thing I heard, if you want to unlink an account from KLab ID, you may need its password, several days after you did "link" (15 days as I heard).

If you're playing many accounts, and you don't use emulator, the best practice is, keep all your game IDs + KLab IDs + Passwords in your SpreadSheets / Excel, NEVER perform "Unlink" to the game account - KLab ID connection. Delete App and reinstall is the SAFEst way to switch accounts.

If you're playing many accounts, and you're using emulator, back up your account data and keep them secret!

If your accounts were from, don't worry, I can give you support recovering your accounts if you lost them. The best practice managing accounts on is, USING ONLY ONE SAME KLab ID.