Shared Play: No

1 Score a total of 3 goals with Schneider andMargus and win the match!

2 Use Taki, Kisugi, and Izawa to score4 goals and win the match!

3 Score with Jito and win!

4 Use Nitta and Akai and score2 goals with Nitta and win!

5 Win a match with Hernandez andGentile with no goals conceded!

6 Score 2 goals with Tsubasa Ozora and achieve a come-back victory against Germany (JY)!

7 Allow no points and score2 goals with Rivaul!

8 Score 2 goals with Pierre and win thematch with no goals conceded!

9 Score 2 goals against All Japan (WY) with Leoand win with no goals conceded!

10 Score 3 goals against Brazil (WY)with Schneider and win the match!