Shared Play: No

1 Win against Nankatsu Middle School!(Skill-Type Only)

2 Score the first goal against Otomo Middle School!(Skill-Type Only)

3 Score the first goal against Hanawa Middle School!(Toughness-Type Only)

4 Achieve a come-back win recovering from 0-3in the second half! (Toughness-Type Only)

5 Score with a Special Skill shot!(Agility-Type Only)

6 A desperate struggle against Toho Academy!(Agility-Type Only)

7 Win using the 4-2-1-3 formation!(Formation Restriction)


8 Showdown with the Middle School All-Stars!(Only SR or Below Players)


9 Get a hat-trick! (Only SR or Below Players)


10 Score on Wakabayashi! (Team Skills Ineffective)

11 Score with a low-flying shot!(Only Toughness-Type/Type Effectiveness UP)

12 Score with a high-flying shot!(Only Agility-Type/Type Effectiveness UP)

13 Get a come-back win against France!(Only Skill-Type/Type Effectiveness UP)

14 Win with 4-2-2-2A formation! (Japanese Players x1.5)

15 Beat All Japan JY! (Non-Japanese Players x1.5)