Gacha List

  ID     Name   Detail
1Launch Special Transfer [1st Half]Details
2Launch Special Transfer [2nd Half]Details
3Hyuga TransferDetails
4Get Ahead TransferDetails
5Club TransferDetails
6Point TransferDetails
7Friend TransferDetails
8R TransferDetails
9SR TransferDetails
10SSR TransferDetails
11R or above TransferDetails
12SR or above TransferDetails
14SR or above Premium TransferDetails
15SSR Premium TicketDetails
16SR or above 10 Transfer Premium TransferDetails
17World Striker TransferDetails
18Event TransferDetails
19Dream FestivalDetails
201Million Downloads Special TransferDetails
21Christmas TransferDetails
22Powered-Up PlayersDetails
23Midwinter R+ TransferDetails
24Midwinter SR+ TransferDetails
25Midwinter SSR TransferDetails
26One SSR guaranteed! Midwinter 10 Transfer Premium TicketDetails
27Tsubasa Ozora Birthday TransferDetails
28Event TransferDetails
29DF/DM Selection TransferDetails
30Dream FestivalDetails
312 Million Downloads Special TransferDetails
32Rising Sun: A New ChallengeDetails
33Rising Sun: A New ChallengeDetails
34Club TransferDetails
35Kojiro Hyuga Birthday TransferDetails
36The Four Knights of the Midnight SunDetails
37The Four Knights of the Midnight SunDetails
38Event Transfer: Relentless Attack of the Midnight SunDetails
39Event Transfer: The Fearsome Red StopperDetails
40Middleschooler Selection TransferDetails
41Dream FestivalDetails
42Middleschooler Selection TransferDetails
43Italia, il paese del sole TransferDetails
44Young Warriors Challenge the WorldDetails
45Guaranteed all SR or above! Lunar New Year Premium 10-Transfer TicketDetails
46Beginner Bonus TransferDetails
47SSR guaranteed! Lunar New Year Premium Transfer TicketDetails
48Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
493 Million Downloads Special TransferDetails
50Dream CollectionDetails
51 Details
52SSR Guaranteed! Offensive Premium TransferDetails
53SSR Guaranteed! Defensive Premium TransferDetails
54Dream FestivalDetails
55Event Transfer: The Championship is at Stake! (Japan)Details
56Event Transfer: The Championship is at Stake! (Brazil)Details
57 Details
58 Details
59Brazil League's Dual Heroes! No. 10 vs. No. 10Details
60Dream CollectionDetails
61Young Warriors Challenge the World SR+ TransferDetails
62 Details
63Club TransferDetails
64 Details
65 Details
66 Details
674 Million Downloads Special TransferDetails
68 Details
69 Details
70 Details
71Event Transfer: The Championship is at Stake! (High School)Details
72Event Transfer: The Championship is at Stake! (South America)Details
73 Details
74 Details
75 Details
76Dream FestivalDetails
77Friend TransferDetails
78 Details
80Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
81Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
82Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
83Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
84 Details
85 Details
86 Details
87 Details
88FW Pick-Up TransferDetails
89DF Pick-Up TransferDetails
90AM Pick-Up TransferDetails
91DM/GK Pick-Up TransferDetails
92FW Pick-Up TransferDetails
93DF Pick-Up TransferDetails
94AM Pick-Up TransferDetails
95Dream CollectionDetails
96Thirst for Victory! Young StrikerDetails
97 Details
98Extreme Event Transfer TicketDetails
100Extreme Event Transfer TicketDetails
101Extreme Event Transfer TicketDetails
102Extreme Event Transfer TicketDetails
103Extreme Event Transfer TicketDetails
104Extreme Event Transfer TicketDetails
105Extreme Event Transfer TicketDetails
106Extreme Event Transfer TicketDetails
107Dream FestivalDetails
108Fight, Warriors in Blue! Ticket TransferDetails
109Fight, Warriors in Blue! SSR Guaranteed Ticket TransferDetails
110Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japanese National Team TransferDetails
1115 Million Downloads Special TransferDetails
112Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Transfer (Part 2)Details
113Event Transfer: Fight, Warriors in Blue! Falcon Sweeps Across the PitchDetails
114Ten chosen SSR players! Toughness-type Premium TicketDetails
115One SR+ guaranteed! 10 Toughness-type Premium TicketDetails
116Ten chosen SSR players! Agility-type Premium TicketDetails
117One SR+ guaranteed! 10 Agility-type Premium TicketDetails
118Ten chosen SSR players! Skill-type Premium TicketDetails
119One SR+ guaranteed! 10 Skill-type Premium TicketDetails
120Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japanese National Team TransferDetails
121Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Transfer (Part 2)Details
122Club TransferDetails
124Fight, Warriors in Blue (Part 2) SR+ Guaranteed TransferDetails
125Extreme Event TransferDetails
126Extreme Event TransferDetails
127Extreme Event TransferDetails
128Extreme Event TransferDetails
129Extreme Event TransferDetails
130Extreme Event TransferDetails
131Extreme Event TransferDetails
132Extreme Event TransferDetails
133Japan National Team Transfer SpecialDetails
134Dream CollectionDetails
135Super Dream FestivalDetails
136Super Dream FestivalDetails
137Event Transfer: Fight, Warriors in Blue! Stalwart Leader Supports the TeamDetails
138Japan National Team Transfer SpecialDetails
139Super Dream FestivalDetails
140Super Dream FestivalDetails
141Japan National Team Transfer Toughness EditionDetails
142Japan National Team Transfer Agility EditionDetails
143Japan National Team Transfer Skill EditionDetails
148All Japan Golden Midfielder TransferDetails
149"Fierce Battle! Asian Champions" SR+ TransferDetails
150Extreme Event TransferDetails
151Fierce Battle! Asian Champions TransferDetails
152Selectable SSR PremiumDetails
153One SSR Guaranteed! April Special Premium 10-TransferDetails
155Beginner support! SR+ Premium TransferDetails
156Extreme Event TransferDetails
157Extreme Event TransferDetails
158Extreme Event TransferDetails
159Extreme Event TransferDetails
160Extreme Event TransferDetails
161Extreme Event TransferDetails
162Extreme Event TransferDetails
163Toughness-Type TransferDetails
164Agility-Type TransferDetails
165Skill-Type TransferDetails
166Toughness-Type TransferDetails
167Agility-Type TransferDetails
168Skill-Type TransferDetails
169Dream FestivalDetails
17050% Chance for 1 SSR! 10-TransferDetails
171What a deal! Once-a-Day 5-TransferDetails
172Club TransferDetails
173 Details
174Valentine's TransferDetails
175SSR guaranteed! Valentine's Premium Transfer TicketDetails
176Guaranteed all SR or above! Valentine's Premium 10-Transfer TicketDetails
177Dream CollectionDetails
1783-Step TransferDetails
179 Details
180 Details
182 Details
183Extreme Event TransferDetails
184Extreme Event TransferDetails
185Extreme Event TransferDetails
186Extreme Event TransferDetails
187Extreme Event TransferDetails
188Extreme Event TransferDetails
189Extreme Event TransferDetails
190Extreme Event TransferDetails
191 Details
192 Details
193 Details
194 Details
195 Details
196 Details
197Dream CollectionDetails
198Japanese Players Exclusive SSR Premium TransferDetails
199Non-Japanese Players Exclusive SSR Premium TransferDetails
200Beginner bonus! Selectable SSR Ticket TransferDetails
201 Details
202 Details
203 Details
204 Details
205 Details
206 Details
207 Details
208Extreme Event TransferDetails
209Extreme Event TransferDetails
210Extreme Event TransferDetails
211Extreme Event TransferDetails
212Extreme Event TransferDetails
213Extreme Event TransferDetails
214Extreme Event TransferDetails
215Extreme Event TransferDetails
216Dream FestivalDetails
217 Details
218 Details
219 Details
220Dream CollectionDetails
221Club TransferDetails
222Pick-Up Passive Skill TransferDetails
223 Details
224 Details
225 Details
226Extreme Event TransferDetails
227Extreme Event TransferDetails
228Extreme Event TransferDetails
229Extreme Event TransferDetails
230Extreme Event TransferDetails
231Extreme Event TransferDetails
232Extreme Event TransferDetails
233Extreme Event TransferDetails
234 Details
235 Details
236Dream FestivalDetails
237 Details
238Dream CollectionDetails
239Dream Pot Transfer: Challenge Road SelectionDetails
24010 Million Downloads Special TransferDetails
241Extreme Event TransferDetails
242Extreme Event TransferDetails
243Extreme Event TransferDetails
244Extreme Event TransferDetails
245Extreme Event TransferDetails
246Extreme Event TransferDetails
247Extreme Event TransferDetails
248Extreme Event TransferDetails
249World SelectionDetails
250World SelectionDetails
251World Selection SR+ TransferDetails
2521st Anniversary! Big Thanks 10-Player TransferDetails
253Point TransferDetails
254Dream FestivalDetails
2551st Anniversary! Selectable SSR Premium TransferDetails
256Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Transfer -2018-Details
257Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Transfer -2018-Details
258Fight, Warriors in Blue! R+ TransferDetails
259Dream Collection Challengers taking on the worldDetails
260Fight, Warriors in Blue! Mixer TransferDetails
261Club TransferDetails
262Extreme Event TransferDetails
263Extreme Event TransferDetails
264Extreme Event TransferDetails
265Extreme Event TransferDetails
266Extreme Event TransferDetails
267Extreme Event TransferDetails
268Extreme Event TransferDetails
269Extreme Event TransferDetails
270World Class Players: Challenger Transfer 2018Details
271World Class Players: Challenger Transfer 2018Details
272World Class Players R or Above TransferDetails
273World Class Players SR or Above TransferDetails
274World Class Players Mixer TransferDetails
275Warring World Warriors European SelectionDetails
276Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Dream TransferDetails
277Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Dream TransferDetails
278Warring World Warriors: Break the KeeperDetails
279Warring World Warriors: Break the KeeperDetails
280Super Dream FestivalDetails
281Super Dream FestivalDetails
282Super Dream FestivalDetails
283Super Dream FestivalDetails
284Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
2851st Anniversary Selectable SSR Premium TicketDetails
286Warring World Warriors European SelectionDetails
287Warring World Warriors European SelectionDetails
288Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Transfer (Part 2)Details
289Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Transfer (Part 2)Details
290SSR (Evolved SR) Guaranteed! Selectable Premium TransferDetails
291Warring World Warriors Dream Pot TransferDetails
292Warring World Warriors Dream Pot TransferDetails
293Dream Collection Fight, Warriors in BlueDetails
294Fight, Warriors in Blue! Mixer TransferDetails
2951st Anniversary! Type Selectable SSR Premium Transfer Ticket [Japanese]Details
2961st Anniversary! Type Selectable SSR Premium Transfer Ticket [Non-Japanese]Details
297Fight, Warriors in Blue! R+ Transfer (Chapter 2)Details
298(T) Non-Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
299(T) Non-Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
300(A) Non-Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
301(A) Non-Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
302(S) Non-Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
303(S) Non-Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
310Warring World Warriors Brazil National Team Transfer -2018-Details
311Warring World Warriors Brazil National Team Transfer -2018-Details
312Warring World Warriors R or Above Transfer (Chapter 2)Details
313Warring World Warriors SR or Above Transfer(Chapter 2)Details
314Warring World Warriors Mixer Transfer(Chapter 2)Details
315Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Dream TransferDetails
316Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Dream TransferDetails
317Warring World Warriors: World Dream TransferDetails
318Warring World Warriors: World Dream TransferDetails
319Extreme Event TransferDetails
320Extreme Event TransferDetails
321Extreme Event TransferDetails
322Extreme Event TransferDetails
323Extreme Event TransferDetails
324Extreme Event TransferDetails
325Extreme Event TransferDetails
326Extreme Event TransferDetails
327Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japan National Team Transfer -2018-Details
328World Class Players: Challenger Transfer 2018Details
329Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
330Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
331The Warring World Warriors Italy National Team Dream Pot TransferDetails
332World Class Players : Super Dream FestivalDetails
333World Class Players : Super Dream FestivalDetails
334Midsummer SSR Premium Ticket Transfer (2018)Details
335New Unveiling of All Japan YouthDetails
337Club TransferDetails
338New Unveiling of All Japan Youth SR or above TransferDetails
339Challenge Road Pick Up TransferDetails
341Extreme Event TransferDetails
342Extreme Event TransferDetails
343Extreme Event TransferDetails
344Extreme Event TransferDetails
345Extreme Event TransferDetails
346Extreme Event TransferDetails
347Extreme Event TransferDetails
348Extreme Event TransferDetails
350Dream FestivalDetails
351Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
352European Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
354Extreme Event TransferDetails
355Extreme Event TransferDetails
356Extreme Event TransferDetails
357Extreme Event TransferDetails
358Extreme Event TransferDetails
359Extreme Event TransferDetails
360Extreme Event TransferDetails
361Extreme Event TransferDetails
362Dream CollectionDetails
363Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
364Golden Generation of FootballDetails
365Golden Generation of FootballDetails
366Golden Generation of Football SR or above TransferDetails
367TGS 2018 Premium 10-Transfer TicketDetails
368Dream FestivalDetails
36915 Million Downloads Worldwide Special TransferDetails
37015 Million Downloads Worldwide Special TransferDetails
371Dream FestivalDetails
372Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
373Sanae's Star SelectionDetails
37415 Million Downloads Worldwide Special SR or above TransferDetails
375Happy Halloween! SSR Premium Ticket TransferDetails
376Halloween Premium 10-Transfer Ticket TransferDetails
378Club TransferDetails
381Double Month Major Update Special TransferDetails
382Double Month Major Update Special TransferDetails
383Halloween TransferDetails
384Halloween TransferDetails
385Halloween SR or above TransferDetails
386Extreme Event TransferDetails
387Extreme Event TransferDetails
388Extreme Event TransferDetails
389Extreme Event TransferDetails
390Extreme Event TransferDetails
391Extreme Event TransferDetails
392Extreme Event TransferDetails
393Extreme Event TransferDetails
394Warring World Warriors France National Team TransferDetails
398Land of the Soaring DragonDetails
402Land of the Soaring Dragon R+ 10-TransferDetails
411Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
412Fight, Warriors in Blue! Japanese Player Pick-Up TransferDetails
414Dream CollectionDetails
997Christmas SR+ Premium TicketDetails
998SSR guaranteed! Christmas Transfer TicketDetails
999Rewarded Ads TransferDetails
1803001True Aces TransferDetails
TUTORIALChoice TransferDetails